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Nirvana Spiritual Journey & Healing

Communication is the mother of all answers.

Animals can't speak for themselves, so I act as an intermediary to give them a voice.

Many times you may not know what is upsetting your pet or why they may be behaving badly. I can "listen" to them telepathically and help you to understand just what it is your pet needs.


I have done this many times with great success. I welcome the opportunity to work with you and the animal members of your family.

I can do this in person near my Yorba Linda, California home, or via telephone. Please give me a call if I can answer any questions.


I was having a challenging time with my cat, Abby. Shradha was able to "diagnose" the problem over the phone by intuitive communication. I followed Shardha's instructions and Abby stopped her behavior. Just like that. Amazing!"

Penny C. Portland, Oregon