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Nirvana Spiritual Journey & Healing

Communication is the mother of all answers.

Nirvana intention jewelry :

Each piece of Nirvana intention Jewelry is a powerful healing object infused with an Angelic guidance, Reiki, purpose and meaning.

Nirvana Intention bracelet are energized bracelets helps strengthens your energy field in a dynamic way. These bracelets will shield you from negative energy.

As you wear this jewelry you will raise your vibration and will attract what you desire. Each Jewelry piece is charged with Reiki by keeping in mind the seven major chakras which will keep you in balance no matter what the situation is.

Each piece of jewelry is also infused with purpose and meaning.

My intention of bringing Nirvana Jewelry to you is to help you maintain peace of mind, calmness, and help you feel more empowered in your life.

My objective here is to for you to live your life with ease with less anxiety and stress.

Explanation of colors:

black: protection.

White: divine connection.

Red: Balances career, family and jobs.

Yellow: increases confidence, brings happiness.

Green: Resonates with Archangel Raphael. helps in physical and emotional healing. relieves stress, reduces Anxiety.

Pink: Resonates with Archangel Ariel (pale pink). Pink represents love, brings harmony, love, balance relationships, represents unconditional love.

Blue: Resonates with Archangel Gabriel. Helps in communication, writing, acting, Increases communicate telepathically as well.

Purple: Resonates with Archangel Micheal. Increases psychic awareness such as intuition, wisdom, helps you stay focused, organizes, reduces fear and worry, protection.